Top 4 Benefits of Installing a Bidet In Your Toilet

Having a bidet in your toilet is as essential as having showerheads and faucets in the bathroom to keep you clean and fresh all the time. The only difference is that bidets are for the intimate parts.

Although it’s been half a century wherein toilet paper and wet wipes are the top toiletry priority in most American households, hundreds of professionals including the Director of Urogynecology at the Weinberg Center Women’s Health and Medicine Dr. R. Mark Ellerman tell that using bidets are cleaner and healthier for the genitals. And for them, using toilet papers as a cleaning material and solution is a poor practice of personal hygeine and is also harsh for the skin and the genitals’ health.

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What Are Bidets?

A bidet is a plumbing fixture, and toilet equipment uniquely meant for cleansing one’s genitals. It is a small sink-like placed beside the toilet or an attachable bidet seat. Its function is prevalent among elders as well as women, particularly the pregnant and those who suffer from a specific medical condition such as UTI. It is also excellent for disabled people since there are electronic bidets that can provide extra comfort and convenience to the person using it.

What Are Its Benefits?

Bidets are great toilet fixtures homeowners should consider having one. But to further understand the importance of using bidets, here are the top benefits you need to know.

Bidets Can Help You Save Money

After a year, you will ealize that your household’s average consumption of toilet papers and wipes, if converted to cash, can be a significant amount of money. Whereas using bidets, you do not need to buy packs of toilet papers every month. Apart from it, bidets are also water-efficient since electronic bidets will only spill enough amount of water to rinse your genitals.

Bidets Are Eco-Friendly

Among the many materials used for making toilet papers are trees. According to Scientific American, over fifteen million trees are cut and used to produce 36.5 million rolls of toilet papers every year within the US only. However, the use of bidets can prevent and help in conserving natural resources such trees.

Helps Those Who Suffer Certain Medical Condition

Medical conditions such as hemorrhoids need extra care, particularly for the washing part. Using bidets can help the person prevent the situation from getting worst as well as keeping it clean and safe from ill-causing bacteria. Bidets are also preferable for women who are pregnant and are unable to move comfortably because of its ability to provide comfort, and they don’t need to use their hands to wipe and clean their genitals.

Prevents You from Ill-Causing Bacteria

Among the many helpful things you can get from using bidets is that of its ability to ensure your genitals health. The genitals, if not properly cleaned, can be the cause of developing health issues such as UTI due to ill-causing bacteria mostly found in the genitals. Bidets, on the other hand, ensure that your genitals are appropriately washed and safe from bacteria.

Toilet papers will never be enough to say that your genitals are always clean and fresh. Worst is, it can cause the remaining bacteria from spreading and eventually develop health problems. Fortunately, bidets exist. After all, water is still the number one cleaning solution.

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