A Comparison Of Eurojackpot And EuroMillions Lottery Tickets

A Comparison Of Eurojackpot And EuroMillions Lottery Tickets

EuroMillions and Eurojackpot are both global lotteries that have revolutionised the lives of people in Europe. Established in the year 2004, EuroMillions is older. On the other hand, Eurojackpot has been recently launched in the year 2012. With both the lotteries being equally famous, let’s compare both of them in detail.


1. Jackpots:

The two lotteries offer inconceivable big jackpots. While Eurojackpot offers the basic jackpot of €10 million, EuroMillions has an ensured jackpot of €17 million. The two jackpots increment rapidly because of the increase in players. As more and more people buy lotteries, the jackpot prize keeps on increasing. The increments even become bigger as the jackpot reaches its maximum limit.


2. Prizes:

Both lotteries give their players an enormous number of approaches to win. Eurojackpot offers 12 prize levels while EuroMillions has a total prize level of 13. The amount of prize keeps on increasing as more people buy up the tickets. While the chances of winning the EuroMillions prizes are marginally lower, the rewards offered by EuroMillions are better than that of Eurojackpot. The probability of winning a EuroMillions prize is 1 of every 13 as compared to Eurojackpot that is 1 of every 26. The reason being the frequency with which the EuroMillions draws takes place is two times per week. On the other hand, the draws for Eurojackpot only take place once a week.


3. Cost Of Ticket:

The prizes of both the tickets can change depending upon the currency of the country. A standard EuroMillions ticket would cost you a minimum of €2.50. If you want to add more games, then the charges might increase with each additional game. The prize of a Eurojackpot ticket costs €2. EuroMillions ticket is available for sale daily from six in the morning to seven in the evening.


4. Who Can Participate?

Since you do not need to be living in one of the hosting countries to take part in a EuroMillions lottery, the purchase a lottery ticket can be done online. There is no restriction on buying the ticket for a Eurojackpot lottery either. Even though you are not a resident of the hosting country or even if you are not physically present there, you can still get the ticket online.


5. Extra Services:

The hosting countries of both the lotteries offer extra services such as draws for their players. EuroMillions additionally provides various special offers on different occasions the whole year. One such prominent additional service is Superdraws. A Superdraw offers an ensured prize, whether you have won it in the previous draw or not.

Both the lotteries have various pros and cons. Yet both are exceptionally famous throughout Europe because of the outstanding services they offer that excel all other lotteries played by people residing there. So, whichever lottery ticket you go for, you will not be disappointed!

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