Braces Colours for Your Smile; Here Are Some Suggestions

Braces Colours for Your Smile; Here Are Some Suggestions

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Smile is one of the most attractive features of a face. However, people with dental issues are often under-confident about their smiles. If you have misaligned teeth, then braces and aligners are a great way of correcting or perfecting your smile. These help align your teeth and give you the perfect smile you deserve.

But wearing braces means you have to be used to seeing yourself with wires and brackets till the treatment is complete. Why not make it fun with some colour? There are various options such as colourful elastic bands, ceramic braces, invisible aligners and more that can help you smile without any stress.

How to Choose the Right Colour of Braces That Suits You

Choosing among a wide variety of colourful braces will add to your personality. While choosing the right colour for teeth braces, there are a few things you must keep in mind:

  • Choose a colour that matches your skin tone. If you have darker skin, go for vibrant colours such as gold, turquoise and orange. If you have fair and pale skin, go for cool or lighter tones such as pastels, light pink, silver and more. These will match most of your outfits and complement your skin tone well.
  • Stay away from colours that look like food particles or dirt. For example, brown, yellow and black colours can seem like food particles, cavities and more, hence avoid these.
  • While picking a colour, make sure the colour you choose makes your teeth look whiter!
  • Lastly, consider the colours of the clothes you generally wear. For a cohesive look, you can choose a colour that complements your colour palette too.

Braces Colours for Adults

Looking to make a mark in the world and get people to take you seriously? Then you might want to ditch bright colour combinations and opt for simple singular colours like gold, silver, dark blue,  or invisible aligners for teeth straightening.

While colourful braces can be quirky and a way of self-expression, having something simple and elegant is more appropriate for a professional setting. makeO toothsi invisible aligners are a great alternative to traditional braces that help align your teeth while being easy to use and remaining almost undetected. Not only are invisible aligners great to look at, they are also easy to use and can be removed while eating or drinking. This means as an adult, you can eat or drink whatever you like!

Braces Colours for Kids 

For school-going kids, choosing colourful braces can be a great way to express themselves. They can channel their inner creativity to choose combinations for festivals, such as red and gold for christmas, or represent their favourite comic book character such as red and blue for Captain America. For a softer, feminine look for girls, the colours light pink, purple and light blue is perfect. For boys, silver or navy blue is suitable.

Since traditional braces require changing elastic bands every 4-6 weeks, you can encourage your kids to choose new combinations of colours to keep things interesting for them. Having colourful braces can help make wearing braces a more happy experience and can help them gain more confidence in their smiles! But make sure to stay away from colours like green, white, yellow, brown and black as these colours will most likely look like food fragments stuck in their teeth.

All in all, choosing the right colour of teeth braces for teeth straightening is up to you. Make sure you consider your skin tone, your regularly worn outfits and the amount of yellowness on your teeth before making a colour choice. Also, remember to think about your setting. For example, if you are a pre-teen or a teen going to school who loves experimenting with colour, choose colourful teeth braces. However, if you are starting up a new job, it might be best to opt for invisible aligners that are removable, almost painless and easy to use.

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