Rare Online Courses That Could Make You Money

Rare Online Courses That Could Make You Money

These days, it seems like you can find courses for just about anything online, and if you’re savvy, you might be able to turn them to your financial advantage.

Whether it is learning how to cook a new dish, speaking a new language, or simply changing your car’s oil, you can find it on the internet, but some are not just there to develop your skills. Even so, there are still plenty of relevant subjects that perhaps aren’t taught as frequently or as in-depth as they should be, and if you can find those and utilize them to your advantage, it could help your wallet as well as your skillset.

Here are some subjects we think you should look to find courses in.

1. Media Literacy

Everything in the modern age is done on computers and technological gadgets – whether it is work, social communications, or personal emails. Media literacy is more than just knowing how to use a computer. It is knowing how to use media intelligently, when to use it, what is appropriate, and how to be effective in your communications. Media extends to all manner of outlets now, and content creation is a big business. If you can understand who to write for, how to write functionally and how media works, you could make a career out of it quickly and easily.

2. Personal Cybersecurity

There are a million articles about cybersecurity, but not many practical guides anyone can understand as to how to protect yourself from common risks or threats. For instance, PC Mag discusses the use of two-factor authentication (2FA) for logging into your computer, entering into online accounts or making large purchases on a credit card. Would you be able to set that up? If not, then seeking out a personal cybersecurity course could be for you. How does it make you money? By stopping you from falling foul of hackers, thieves and scammers.

3. Online Poker

Poker is very much in fashion at the moment, from the high-profile World Series of Poker held in Las Vegas to amateur games in basements and garages. It’s part of American folklore, and lots of people make good money out of the game. The very first tip offered by Poker.org to players wanting to take their game to the next level is to seek expert advice, which can be done through online courses. Lots of people make money from poker without becoming filthy rich; it’s a viable profession if you get the right information.

4. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has been used in many digital applications, such as cryptocurrency, making purchases, and as investments to name a few, and understanding this emerging reach better could be lucrative. The blockchain creates a digital track record of every transaction and makes everything easily traceable, but it is also a sound investment if you find the right one. You are also protected from hackers and scammers since everything is recorded and can be traced to the roots. Since blockchains are so safe to use, they’re becoming more widespread, and associated crypto is rising in value. Knowing what you’re doing as the crypto stakes get raised could help you become wealthy.

5. NFTs

There is so much hype about these, but what is an NFT, and how can it make you money? A non-fungible token (NFT) is an irreplaceable and non-interchangeable digital asset stored on a blockchain. Some common examples are unique artwork, photographs, videos, music, and other multimedia. NFTs are blockchain-based digital files, which means each one can easily be authenticated and verified. Since the digital assets are non-interchangeable, like fine art, there can only be one official owner at any time. If you didn’t know, NFTs are the next big thing in the e-commerce world. According to Reuters.com, NFTs total sales increased to a record $2.5 billion (€2.2 billion) in the first half of 2021. With that sort of growth, there’s money to be made if you understand the market, so going all-in on an online course could be lucrative.

Free courses for everyday topics are readily available, but free courses for useful subjects are hard to come by. That makes them harder for the general public to find, so if you dig deep enough, you could get ahead of the curve in these five areas.
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