How Often Should a School’s Building Painting be Maintained?

How Often Should a School’s Building Painting be Maintained?

Like any other organisation’s commercial building painting, school building paint maintenance is an integral part of a good and regular maintenance schedule. For example, moisture penetration is likely to occur if your structures are not maintained regularly, and this can eventually lead to cracks, fungus, dry rot, and peeling paint, which is not only ugly but expensive to repair.

Painting a school’s exterior and interior is an investment in more than simply building upkeep. It’s also a low-cost strategy to maintain your facilities looking their best to recruit high-performing employees and pupils, as well as please parents!

What are the Advantages of School Painting Maintenance?

Of course, professional commercial painters Sydney will improve the appearance of your institution. However, the advantages that a commercial painting company can provide your institution do not end there.

Potential students, parents, employees, and even the general public will rate the school based on its look. Not to add, the facilities’ appearance and feel will significantly influence the success of the current personnel and students.

Many schools will experience increased interest, positive attitudes and behaviours surrounding the facility’s image if they engage in regular paint upkeep with reputable commercial painters Sydney. Other advantages that educational institutions are expected to see include:

  • Prevention of surface issues.
  • Lower long-term costs of substantial paint degradation.
  • Smaller, frequent contributions to smooth out your school’s cash flow.
  • Keep delays to a minimum during the term by addressing painting issues early.
  • Maintaining a pleasing atmosphere conducive to learning.
  • Increase demand by presenting a positive first impression at all times.
  • Increase retention by providing well-maintained amenities regularly.

How Frequently Should School Paint Maintenance Be Performed?

Reliable commercial painters Sydney will understand that your school’s funds play a significant role in this choice; nevertheless, there are a few additional factors to consider while putting an action plan in place.

The location of the facilities, the types and sizes of the buildings, and the original paintwork’s quality are all crucial factors a commercial painting company needs to consider since these will influence any repairs or upkeep.

With this information, your commercial painters Sydney teams will collaborate with you to develop a painting maintenance plan suited to your school’s unique needs.There are, however, some fundamental maintenance guidelines that you may follow on your own, including the following:

  • Interior Surfaces

Your interior paintwork should be examined and cleaned at least once a year by a skilled commercial painting company. In addition, your school’s maintenance plan should include time and funds for the reapplication of powder coat finishes every two years, or as needed, and new inside painting every five years.

  • Exterior Surfaces

When it comes to exterior paint inspections, because exterior painting is exposed to the weather, a yearly review is, of course, the basic minimum. While external paint is recommended to reapply every 10 years, this is not always possible. However, depending on the facility, it may be a good idea to inspect the end of each term. This will allow problem areas, such as those that attract moisture or graffiti, to be addressed quickly and effectively, preventing concerns from becoming serious difficulties for the institution. ​

 How Often Should the Entire School Be Repainted?

Schools should be repainted every 7 to 10 years; however, various factors can influence maintenance, so let’s take a closer look at them.

  • Age

If you apply too many paint layers to a surface, you risk delamination, which will shorten the lifespan of your paint coat. Additional layers of paint allow the layers beneath to tear apart due to surface tension. As a result, as your school becomes older, the construction components deteriorate, as do the layers of paint. This implies that as your school becomes more aged, you may need to consider painting it more often. ​

  • Substrates

The surface on which the paint is applied is referred to as the substrate in the field of painting. This can be a variety of surfaces, and the varying characteristics of each will affect the coating’s lifespan. This can be mitigated by choosing the appropriate coating for the appropriate surface; however, it is a reality that various surfaces have varying lifespans.

Newer surfaces often last longer, but there are additional elements that determine how long your paint lasts, according to paint manufacturers, including:

  • Because they have less movement, harder surfaces like cement-based goods (concrete, blocks, and plaster) preserve paint in better condition.
  • Because soft surfaces (wood, weatherboard) tend to slide over time, they will have a shorter lifespan.
  • Surface in its original state (new and unexposed to weather, substrate breaking down).
  • The angle at which the surface is angled. Due to possible residue and UV degradation, surfaces less than 60 degrees to the horizontal will have a 50% shorter life expectancy.
  • Cleaning the Surface

Cleaning is generally the most overlooked aspect of reducing the frequency with which surfaces must be repainted. As previously stated, this is a crucial element to consider, especially if you live in a wet location where flora such as moss and mould, or even worse, lichen, thrives. Remove lichen as quickly as possible if it forms on any surface you want to protect, as lichen can eat through metal surfaces. In addition, bird faeces contain a lot of Uric Acid, which may eat through surfaces.

  • Colour

Due to the differences in light absorption, various colours withstand the elements differently. The deeper the colour, the more light it will absorb and the hotter it becomes. Heat expansion and contraction generate additional wear on the coating, leading it to break down more quickly. When schools pick dark colours, they frequently find themselves in a bind, having just a few portions urgently repainted and continually fighting colour fading at varied rates.

Ready for Your School’s Next Maintenance? Request a Quote Today!

Whatever your reason for needing a new school paint job, you’ll want a team of specialists that can do the work quickly and produce results that will endure for years. A respectable commercial painting company can assist you with this.

You will want skilled commercial painters Sydney who respect the building, are friendly, tidy, professional, organised, and deliver a high-quality service for school painting. The time it takes to paint a school is determined by the number of classrooms and buildings painted.

Furthermore, delicate detailing on older weatherboard or heritage buildings takes longer to paint than flat modern surfaces. Contact skilled commercial painters Sydney today for an accurate quote on how much school painting will cost!

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