Top Universities to Apply for Masters in 2021

Top Universities to Apply for Masters in 2021

Okay, so you’ve successfully completed your undergraduate course and made a conscious decision to study further. But then, which university do you apply to for your postgraduate study? Obviously you would no doubt want to enroll yourself in only the top educational institutions, isn’t it? If you’re in this situation, wondering about the best universities to apply for your masters in 2021, here are a few options that you could consider.


1.      University of Delhi (DU)

One of the top-ranked universities in India, the University of Delhi is quite popular amongst Indian students looking to pursue their masters. With an exceptionally wide range of courses ranging from arts and humanities to science and technology, the DU should definitely be on your radar if you’re planning to stay in India. In addition to the above, the University of Delhi also offers courses in law as well. That’s not all. The university also offers its students access to various facilities and services that are both academic and non-academic in nature.


2.      VIT University

Situated in the southern city of Vellore, Tamil Nadu, the VIT University is a relatively new educational institution. Nevertheless, the 36-year old university has quickly earned itself a reputation for providing world-class education and other academic facilities to its students. The institution offers masters courses in engineering, making it the one of the best destinations for engineering graduates looking to study further. Furthermore, VIT also offers postgraduate courses on various other disciplines like business, social sciences, science, and technology.


3.      Jawaharlal Nehru University

Being a non-profit educational institution located in the capital of the country, the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) enjoys quite a bit of popularity amongst the students. In addition to providing students with a wide range of bachelor degree programs, the university is also well-known for its strong masters programs as well. If you’re looking to pursue your higher education in the field of Arts, Linguistics, or Sciences, the Jawaharlal Nehru University may just be the perfect option for you.


4.      Amity University

Established in 2005, Amity University is a relatively new educational institution that has managed to quickly rise through the ranks. Located in Noida, the institution also has several branch campuses in different cities in India and abroad. Amity University offers multiple masters courses from different disciplines including engineering, science and technology, language and culture, business, social sciences, arts, and even humanities. Amity University’s plethora of postgraduate courses is adequately backed by unmatched infrastructure, a strong research program, and a faculty that’s reputed and experienced.



Considering the fact that a master’s course in India could come with a price tag that may be on the higher end, it is a good idea to avail an education loan or even a personal loan to cover your expenses. That said, ensure to always check the personal loan eligibility criteria and personal loan interest rates before applying for one.

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