Are Electric Sewing Machines worth the Price?

Are Electric Sewing Machines worth the Price?

Thinking of dipping your toe into the whole sewing thing? The first question that pop’s in the mind is ‘what machine to buy?’ Indeed a tough one. Though the basic norms of sewing machines are more or less the same, the numerous brands, diverse features and the dizzying price ranges makes it extremely confusing for buyers mulling over the stitching equipment. That is a thing of the past. Ever since the electric sewing machine appeared on the scene, it has enamoured tailors and craft-lovers and dominated the Indian market.

We all know about the mechanical sewing machines, the vintage models that were used extensively by our mother and grandmothers. But the electric sewing machine has taken the stitching world by storm. Not surprising really, since it makes sewing simple and also helps create stitches that are more complicated, unique and creative with ease. On the flip side, sceptics may harbour doubts on whether the Electric sewing machine price in India gives value for money. They may wonder if it worth spending so much, given the numerous models available that help get the job done.

So let’s highlight some key features and explain what make the Electric sewing machine in India well worth the price.


Electric machines facilitate more than straight stitching. They have over 100 different stitch programs. Additionally, the machines come with some fantastic applications that enable sewers to switch between functions and stitches just by pushing a button. This helps them accomplish different tasks like making buttonholes or decorative work from one single equipment.

Less effort:

The operators require less effort to complete the sewing. The ‘needle up/ needle down’ function is almost like having another pair of hands. It makes it much easier to turn the fabric and even pivot when sewing slippery fabrics or multiple layers. Another feature is the ‘locking stitch’ which gives the finished product a neater and professional touch.

Control stitches:

Electric sewing machines prove extremely beneficial when the operator needs to control stitches while his hands are busy manipulating the fabric.

Light and portable:

Unlike the bulky manual machines which come attached to heavy tables, the electric sewing machines in India are light and easy to move around. This is especially a boon for youngsters who adhere to very mobile lifestyle.

Speed control:

The machine offers better control over speed. Users can maintain an even and consistent speed with the push-buttons or pedals effectively.

Smooth sewing:

Stitches are uniform and sewing process is very smooth as compared to their mechanical counterparts. There are no tangles, broken needles, skipped stitches. What’s more, you don’t have to worry over threading or filling the bobbins.


An electric sewing machine offers more precision. It can tackle different kinds of fabric well, has accurate tension control and the stitch size is also easy to maintain.

Do you still feel the electric sewing machine price in India is steep? If you’re still wary about investing you hard-earned money, check the machine online or talk with experts about specifications in detail before taking the plunge.

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