Easy Way to Save and Earn Big When you Shop Online and Instore

Easy Way to Save and Earn Big When you Shop Online and Instore

I’ve been an avid Zoogol user for years but this is my first review that I’ve submitted. To be honest, I didn’t buy anything into the idea at first. I am sure you are a little hesitant too. Otherwise, you wouldn’t read my post and right now looking for a Zoogol review.

I’m going to tell you what is Zoogol? How it works, and why you should be using it… every day.

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So, what is Zoogol?

Zoogol is a Cashback website where user can earn 111% cashback on online and instore purchases, it seems impossible… well Zoogol makes it possible for anybody who shops online and in-store to earn 111% cashback on product and services which you are planning on buying anyway. This includes just about anything you can think of from over 300 online retailers that all are the top name brand companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Pepperfry, Healthkart and many more. Also it has secured collaboration with more than 3000 leading Stores merchant in more than 30 cities pan India.

Is Zoogol Safe? How Does Zoogol Works?

A big question that many ask frequently, is whether Zoogol is safe? And the simple answer to that is yes it is. It’s also a very straight forward service which saves you money as a cashback by inviting few friends to join Zoogol.

How Does Zoogol Works?

All you need to do is simply to sign-up for Zoogol with your name, email address, contact number and the most important friends Zkey. It is entirely free. No sensitive information required.

Whenever you log on to Zoogol, you would involve lots of places you could shop online and instore (local store nearby your home). If you do not see what you like, then use the search box; look for the store you want to buy from. Also click on the “online stores” & “in-store” for you to see the comprehensive list of stores you could buy from.

Visit retailer’s site and store and shop as you normally do. All your online purchase tracked automatically and you will get notification within 48 hours via “Email or SMS” that your purchase has tracked, for in-store purchase you need to upload your bill details under “Upload Purchase” Section.

How to Earn CashBack

If you want to earn 111% cashback on all your purchases I’m going to show exactly how to do this. One of the nice things about ZOOGOL is that you can actually earn cashback by being a partner and doing your shopping on their site.

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The whole object of this website is inviting few friends and colleagues to join Zoogol for earning cashback on your everyday shopping. Once anyone likes the ideas of Zoogol and Join using your Zkey, they automatically added to your friend circles 1 and now your friends do the same and invite their friends, when their friends join they form your friend circle 2 and so on, you get connected till friend circle 11.

Zoogol gets the commission from merchants whenever anyone in your 11 circles buy anything as a partner,  which they distribute further in its above circles as a micro money which shows under “virtual cashback” section in your account.

Virtual Cashback usually remains Pending for 30 days but could remain for up to 90 days or even 120 days, depending on the merchant.  Why? This is because there are different merchants policies on returns, cancellations, and also financial processing with the merchants is over, Zoogol confirm this to us and “virtual cashback” shows in the “approved cashback” which we can transfer to our bank once it reaches 1 Macro i.e Rs. 1,100. You can receive cashback till the 111% of the value of your purchase. Once you achieve 111% Cashback on your purchase successfully. You may start earning again till the next 111% cashback on your purchase.

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