Pros and Cons of Quantum Quartz for Your Kitchen Benchtops

Pros and Cons of Quantum Quartz for Your Kitchen Benchtops

Benchtops are essential to a kitchen’s design, not only providing an opportunity to dazzle a home’s main entertaining space with a pop of colour, texture, and finish, but they also bear the brunt of daily kitchen use, making your choice even more crucial.

So, how do you choose the ideal kitchen benchtop material? Quartz is a fantastic place to start since it is one of the most common engineered stones used in modern kitchen designs today.

Quantum Quartz manufactured by WK Marble and Granite is one of Australia’s most popular choices for Quartz kitchen benchtops. The stone provides various benefits, including wide accessibility, moderately inexpensive, and available in practically any colour, variety, or finish.

However, don’t just take our word for it! Discover if Quantum Quartz is the ideal kitchen benchtop material for you by comparing the pros and cons of this popular engineered stone.

Why Has Quantum Quartz Grown in Popularity?

Quantum Quartz is an engineered composite material that contains over 93% natural quartz, one of nature’s strongest known minerals. As a result, manufacturers realised the material’s potential as a surface material, and the quartz benchtop was formed.

Several quartz brands on the market today look beautiful and offer good value. What sets Quantum Quartz apart is that it is manufactured by one of Australia’s longest-running and well-respected stone manufacturers. In the late 1980s, WK Marble and Granite began producing the engineered stone called Quantum Quartz.

Quantum Quartz is a beloved Aussie brand that now offers a large selection of engineered stones. With over 40 distinct designs, there is something for any need and preference. Kitchen benchtop, splashbacks, vanities, and surrounds are just a few of the applications for Quantum Quartz manufactured stones.

Quantum Quartz Pros

Aesthetics — Quartz has the appearance of natural stone without the higher cost. However, its three-dimensional look and realistic finish make it a favourite among builders, designers, and homeowners.

Seamless slab consistency – Unlike marbles and granites, Quartz benchtops may have a similar look throughout slabs since they are a man-made product. If you don’t want any of the flaws or defects of utilising a natural product, and engineered benchtop could be the way to go. Consistency is a bonus when creating huge kitchens that may require joins or if you are looking for vein matching or waterfall ends.

Durability – Engineeredstone is one of the most durable and trustworthy benchtops surfaces available, thanks to the combination of quartz’s inherently resistant constitution and the inclusion of resin binders.

Low porosity – Unlike natural stones, quartz does not have a porous surface. Moisture and liquids cannot easily permeate the material because the resin binders seal it, a sharp contrast to natural materials, which require urgent spill cleanup.

Scratch resistance – Quantum quartz is scratch-resistant, meaning it’s a wonderful choice for kitchen benchtops because knife marks shouldn’t be a problem.

Discolour resistance — In line with quartz’s low porosity, spills such as water, juice, oil, wine, and other alcoholic beverages, as well as coffee, should not have a stain or impact the surface.

Hygienic – Quartz is hygienic because they resist liquids, making bacteria growth impossible. Furthermore, many quartz benchtop installations do not have large/multiple connections, so there is no place for dirt to collect in seam regions.

Simple to keep clean and requires little care – removing stains only requires a simple solution of mild soap and warm water.

One seal is all you’ll need — Natural surfaces require frequent resealing to endure and operate. But, on the other hand, Quantum Quartz does not because of the procedures used during its manufacture, saving time and money while also making maintenance easier.

Long warranty – Quartz countertops may last for decades if appropriately cared for. A 10- to 15-year warranty is frequently included by suppliers. Natural stone, on the other hand, has no warranty.

Quantum Quartz Cons

Isn’t the most cost-effective option — Although manufactured stone is less expensive than natural stone, some superior quartz materials are more costly than raw stone.

Most quartz items are not UV stable – which means the colour will fade or change over time if exposed to intense sunshine or heat. As a result of the UV exposure, the quartz may begin to bend and bow in some cases.

Not appropriate for outdoor usage – Most manufacturers invalidate the guarantee if a quartz product is put outside, especially if it is uncovered/exposed to the weather.

Even though many quartz benchtops are heat resistant, they cannot sustain highly high temperatures. When something hot meets something cold, quartz benchtops are prone to ‘heat shock,’ which causes the stone to crack. If you require your benchtop to withstand extreme temperatures, quartz may not be the best option.

Source Your Quantum Quartz Kitchen Benchtops from a Reputable Stonemason!

If you need advice on installing a new stone benchtop, stone suppliers are excellent resources for homeowners and contractors looking for a suitable stone for their projects. Stone suppliers are not biased to one brand and offer tailored solutions ideal for any need.

Customers have a plethora of stone selections since stone suppliers have large warehouses packed with hundreds of natural and manufactured stone possibilities. So even if you are set on a Quantum Quartz at a stone supplier, you have the opportunity for a stone expert to compare other stone benchtop products to ensure you are getting the best option for you.

In addition, reputable stone suppliers will also be stone fabricators, also known as stonemasons, who can tailor-cut and install your stone benchtops for you. Stonemasons cater to any customer requirement. Whether you need a stone installation for your kitchen benchtop, bathroom vanity top, bar, outdoor barbecue area, fireplace, and any application in between, they are available to assist you.

Mainly, if you need advice on installing a new stone benchtop, stone suppliers are your best point of contact because they are not biased to one brand and offer tailored solutions ideal for any need.

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