Are Double Vanities Still a Good Choice in Your 2022 Bathroom Renovations?

Are Double Vanities Still a Good Choice in Your 2022 Bathroom Renovations?

A bathroom vanity serves as extra storage space, a daily functional necessity, and a decorative feature. Your bathroom vanity must meet your and your family’s demands in every way, from style to function.

Even though it appears to be a no-brainer, you should examine the benefits and drawbacks of a double vanity to truly discover if it is worthwhile for your household. So, lets unpack everything you need to know when thinking about installing a double vanity in your bathroom renovations.

Considering the Cost

Price is always a consideration in a bathroom renovation, so figure out what you can afford before you start shopping, as material, fittings, and labour costs quadruple with two sinks! Although according to many top mortgage brokers in Australia, a double vanity increases the practicality of your bathroom while also increasing the value of your property.

So, you’ll likely make your money back on the investment into a double vanity if you sell your house. Plus, double vanities offer a variety of advantages to homeowners, ranging from additional storage space to ease of maintenance.

What are the Benefits of a Double Vanity?

When two people are getting ready simultaneously, a double sink vanity may be the difference between getting out the door on time and having to explain why you’re late again. By installing two sinks in your bathroom, you and your lover or your family will have more personal space and plenty of room to have independent grooming stations. Plus, you can avoid bickering over who gets to use the sink first and prevent your partner’s crusted toothpaste and hair in the sink.

Another advantage is if you expand your complete vanity to accommodate the second sink, you may gain additional bathroom storage. In addition, extra storage is handy in older houses that lack spacious closets or built-in cabinetry.

Lastly, a well-designed vanity may bring a splash of colour or a beautiful element to your bathroom. The addition of vanity to your bathroom may quickly transform the space, transforming it from plain to attractive.

What is the Biggest Negative of Double Vanities?

If you don’t have a lot of room, you might want to think again before installing a double vanity. Your bathroom’s excess space can be used as a shower stall or a laundry station. We recommend going with a single vanity in smaller bathrooms or powder rooms to avoid crowded areas and allow for good traffic flow.

You’ll have to give up some counter space to add a second sink. This is a good option if you want to keep your bathroom basics on your bathroom sink. Plumbing will be installed beneath your new sinks and faucets, reducing the storage space beneath the vanity. If you’re working with a limited amount of space, keep this in mind while making decisions.

Even if you have plenty of room, two sinks will take up valuable bench space that may be utilised for jobs, displays, and other things. For example, the twin drainpipes will take twice as much room under the cabinet with two sinks.

Assess the size of your bathroom before you begin your bathroom makeover. You should also make sure that the vanity is in proportion to the rest of the bathroom’s elements. If the vanity takes up more than a third of the area, the room will look claustrophobic.

While adding a double sink vanity is a reasonably simple bathroom update, sometimes a home’s bathroom is just not big enough to accomplish that, and you won’t get your money back.

Why Would I Consider a Single Sink Over a Double Vanity?

Double bathroom vanities provide all the benefits of a single vanity multiplied by two, allowing two people to get ready in the morning, reducing the stress of sharing the bathroom, and increasing overall convenience and flexibility.

But they also necessitate double the plumbing, double the maintenance, and aren’t always fit in a bathroom. So here are some reasons why a single sink may benefit your household more than a double vanity.

  • Allows for other amenities such as having a separate shower and bathtub instead of a combined one.
  • A single sink with a single hardware set is less expensive than two, and a single sink is easier to clean.
  • Since there is only one drainpipe, extra storage will be underneath the vanity.
  • You may have more usable bench area for display and storage needs with only one basin.

On the other hand, if you have a spacious large bathroom, a single vanity may not make sense, as it may feel like wasted space and leave your bathroom feeling unfinished.

Selecting a Vanity Position

After you’ve thought about these difficulties, you’ll want to think about where you want the bathroom vanity to go.

First, think about the distance between the vanity and the door, which is generally a more significant issue in a smaller bathroom. You don’t want the door to open and strike it. This will not only be inconvenient and annoying while using your bathroom regularly, but it may also cause damage to the vanity or door.

Another critical factor to consider is the vanity’s height. Since the sink is usually placed at the height of the vanity, you’ll want to make sure you can easily reach it. While 85 cm is the industry norm, you may discover that it is inconvenient for taller users, prompting you to put it as high as a metre.

The height of the vanity is also affected by the type of basin you use, because a vessel basin must rest on top of the vanity, the vanity will be slightly lower in height. On the other hand, an inset basin will be installed inside the vanity and will have the same height as the vanity.

Ready to Start Your Next Bathroom Renovation?

The choice between a single vanity and twin vanities is ultimately a personal one. Knowing what’s right for you means knowing how much room you have, what’s essential to you, how much money you have, and what you like.

If you’re thinking about installing a double vanity in your next bathroom renovation, make sure you hire reputable bathroom renovators to ensure that your vanity is installed and designed perfectly to your preferences.

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