Realtor Marketing 101: A Starter’s Guide to Real Estate Farming

Realtor Marketing 101: A Starter’s Guide to Real Estate Farming

If you’re farming for real estate, you’re on the right path. However, before you “plow” through this activity, you need to get some pointers that will help you generate more leads and do so with less hassle.


The best way to make real estate farming work is to use real estate postcards. You still have to do more while you can knock on doors, use social media, or add your listing to Google My Business (GMB). 


Real estate postcards are unique to the real estate industry. Using them reaps excellent returns on investment and boosts a realtor’s local presence. You cannot get this type of response by using other methods.


So, what tips should you remember when using real estate farming for lead generation? Use the following information to get started and prevent you from wasting time.

What You Can and Cannot Do

To farm real estate with postcards, you need to learn what and what not to do. One thing you don’t want to do is just send out hundreds of postcards. Even if you’ve targeted the zip codes, you’re just really running after leads, if not running them down. 


That is not your goal. When you farm real estate, you want to build your brand and influence locally. Therefore, when you use postcards to support lead generation, you’re making a long-term ongoing commitment. 

Consider the Cost

Look at the costs of the mailings compared to what you can feasibly make as an agent. Real estate postcards are a wise investment. You stand to lose a lot more money by advertising on billboards, radio, publications, or TV. 


While these methods will get you noticed, they also will drain your pocketbook or wallet. Regularly sending out postcards will increase your influence, build your brand, and help you connect with your customers. 


Define Your Customer

You can also use realtor postcards to support your posts on social media. They can help you make the most of both offline and online marketing. To send out postcards, you’ll need to define your customer. 

What You Should Ask


Ask the following questions:


  • Who do I want to reach with my postcard message?
  • What are the person’s income and lifestyle?
  • What type of house do they want to buy?
  • What is the price they’re willing to pay?


Use this information to send out new listings, information about houses under contract, details about open house events, and information about sold homes. You’ll create a lot of interest when you do this as people like to review the local market to check their own property’s value and selling power.


By defining your demographic, you can tailor your message or listing information to your buyer’s housing needs. This will help you from sending out postcards to people who don’t need your services. These people might include college students or people who have a long renting history. 


Ensure the area you cover too is not being farmed extensively by another realtor. If another real estate agent has the area well covered, you need to direct your marketing efforts elsewhere.

Use the Power of Farming Real Estate to Increase Your Profit Base

Are you ready to list and sell houses? If so, you also have to use postcards and send them out at least once a month. Taking this step is almost like walking on the moon – one small marketing step for you is also a significant step for building your business.

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