What Office Supplies do I Need for My Desk?

What Office Supplies do I Need for My Desk?

If you’re planning on starting a company, or have already started one and are wondering what office supplies you need to keep on your desk, you’re at the right place. We understand that sometimes you may underestimate or overestimate what you need, and either way, end up struggling. Remember, these supplies are meant to help you perform your work efficiently. Therefore, it’s important to get everything right, and that’s where we come in. Read on!


How to keep my office organized

Organizing your office will save you a lot of time, thus boosting your productivity throughout the day. Plus, it’s the best way to ensure everything is kept at the right spot for easy access when you need it. 

Although most people think that organizing the office must take a couple of days, it can actually take less time if done bit by bit. If you want your office to remain organized, you have to treat it as an ongoing activity, which you’ve to handle daily. 

That said, here are some useful tips on how to keep your office organized:

  • Get everything that isn’t where it’s supposed to be and put it back to where it belongs
  • Identify specific areas in the office for performing certain activities. For example, reference area, supply section, etc.
  • Store equipment and supplies according to their importance, and chances of use.
  • Use labels on shelves, bins, drawers, cables and baskets
  • Store your files digitally where possible
  • Organize your desktop using a desktop organizer
  • Declutter everything that you don’t need.

Speaking of decluttering…

How do I declutter my desk?

Having a clean and clutter-free office contributes to its overall appearance. If the thought of decluttering your office gives you stress, don’t worry, here is the quickest way to go about it:

  • Start by removing everything from your desk. At this point, it doesn’t what’s important and what’s not. Simply get everything off the desk.
  • Next, clean your desk from all angles and corners, including the drawers and shelves. And hey! Don’t forget the computer and keyboard too.
  • Next, sort each item, while assessing them according to need. For instance, you can categorize them as for keeping, for archiving, to throw.
  • Afterwards, Get rid of the items in the “to throw” pile, or donate. Then wipe and disinfect all the other remaining items. 
  • Now rearrange everything, organizing them according to need. For instance, the items that you frequently use should be at the front, and vice versa. Use the drawers and shelves to keep the items in the “to archive” pile. 
  • If you already don’t have a divider or desktop organizer, get one. They will help you maximize your space while ensuring your desk remains neat.

Congratulation! Your desk is now declutter-free. To ensure it remains this way, always put items back to their rightful place after use!

But then… 

What should I put on my office desk?

Now that you know how to declutter your office, and are also aware that some of the things need archiving, while others remain on the desk, what next? It’s time to cross-check some of the essential items you need on your desk. And they include: 

  • A notebook
  • A USB charger
  • A Desk organizer
  • Quality Headphones and holder
  • A personal mug
  • A computer/ Laptop
  • A pen
  • A quality water bottle
  • Durable washable keyboards
  • A Stapler
  • Desk power strip
  •  A desktop Vacuum
  • A matching Desk Set
  • A telephone
  • A vertical phone charger, among many other things according to the nature of your job. 

But to ensure everything fits perfectly within your office space, you have to keep the cables organized. But how?

How to organize cables

If a single look at the cables under your desk makes your head spin, it’s time to get that mess organized and under control by:

  • First unplugging everything to make things easier
  • Get your desk power strip and mount it to the desk or wall
  • To shorten the cables, wrap them before plugging them into the power strip. The shorter they’re the less messy they appear
  • Use some office labels to label each cable according to their use

Hurray! You just made it, and your cables now look neater than ever!


There are various essential office supplies that you need for your desk. From a notebook, pens, telephone, personal mug, to matching desk organizer, the list might be longer or shorter depending on your type of job. But whichever the case, you should never miss a desk power strip in your office. It enhances your electronic potential by allowing you to plug multiple devices into a single outlet. We hope this article helps you keep your office and desk organized, and clutter-free. 

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