Still Looking for a Valentine’s Day Present for Him? Discover Men’s Opal Rings!

Still Looking for a Valentine’s Day Present for Him? Discover Men’s Opal Rings!

When it comes to fine jewellery, males are sometimes disregarded and often have a limited selection of styles to pick from, with little variation in cut, carats, and even metal varieties.

Masculinity should not imply boring jewellery; thus, men’s opal rings combine the power of opals with styles that will appeal to every guy! From basic geometric styles that represent traditional masculine to contemporary patterns that illustrate a man’s feminine side.

The diverse patterns of the opal make these rings much more than fashion accessories—they may be a conversation starter or add a splash of colour to a man’s ensemble. Opal jewellery has something for everyone, making them ideal for Valentine’sDay and even everyday gifting! So, let’s take a closer look at what shoppers should consider when buying opal rings for men this Valentine’s Day.

Why Do Opal Rings for Men Make a Perfect Gift?

Buying your love an opal ring for a man will demonstrate that you must have spent a significant amount of time looking for the right one-of-a-kind Valentine’s present. It will inform him that he is unique, and the ring is a symbol of your love and commitment.

Reputable jeweller’s expertly cut and polished exclusively use naturally mined Australian opals to ensure the full natural rainbow spectrum of opal is captured and shines brightly on a man’s hand.

Shoppers have a wide range of ring types to choose from, each with its own set of finishes and textures. With the option to embellish the opal ring for men with expensive gemstones like rubies, diamonds, and sapphires, all while maintaining the masculine design in mind.

Each opal is unique, and the colour combination will make him recall you every time he looks at the opal ring. The finest opal stones are incredibly uncommon and extremely costly. Fortunately, Australian opals are available in a wide range of price points.

When it Comes to Opal Rings for Men, Custom is Best!

Opals are one of the most stunning gemstones on the planet, and men all over the globe are using its brilliant colours to create one-of-a-kind, macho opal jewellery. If you’re considering getting a men’s opal ring, having a bespoke opal band manufactured is best due to the varying sizes of men’s fingers. So, to ensure a perfect fit, you should do your homework beforehand.

How to Opal Rings for Men Differ to Women’s?

Men’s rings must be substantially more durable than women’s rings since men are typically harsher on their jewellery. Because opal is not as durable as diamonds (for more information, see care for opal), you must take extra steps to protect your opal. For example, opals have a Mohs hardness of roughly 6, whereas diamonds have a Mohs hardness of 10. To put this into perspective, opals have a hardness similar to glass.

A bezel (rub-over) setting is almost a “must” for men’s opal rings since they give considerably more protection and security for your opal. A thin gold bezel surrounds and protects the stone’s edge, preventing impact damage and assuring the stone’s safe placement. Claw settings are less secure, offer less protection, and can deteriorate with time, especially in rings.

Boulder opals are more ideal for men’s opal rings because they are a more durable cut of Australian Opal. Queensland boulder opal is more resilient and has an advantage over other opal forms due to its extremely strong natural ironstone foundation. Black, crystal, and white opals are also suitable, but they do not have the same toughness as boulder opals. Boulder opals allow for more versatility in design because of their peculiar ‘free’ form.

Again, Australian opal stones with a small cabochon (i.e. dome on top) are preferred for men’s opal rings because opals with a high cabochon are more subject to impact damage. Therefore, if your stone has a flat or low cabochon top, it will be less likely to be damaged.

How Much Do Men’s Opal Rings Cost?

The value of the Australian Opal Ring is difficult to determine since each attribute of an opal, such as gemstone type, body tone, clarity, pattern, colour bar thickness, colour play, and imperfections, has a part in determining its price.

When an opal is appraised, it is painstakingly analysed and given a price per carat; its overall size determines its worth. It’s also essential to think about the cut and polish quality and the gemstone’s size.

Opals with a black or dark body tone usually have a more brilliant play of colour, making them more costly than opals with a white, pale, or crystal body tone. For example, Black Opal, the most costly kind of opal, may cost over AUD 10,000 per carat.

When determining the value of Opal Ring for men, the purity of the opal’s colour is crucial. The most unusual colour is red fire, followed by green/orange, green/blue, and blue. As a result, Red Fire teck is more precious than a stone with a mostly green colour, which is more valuable than a stone with only blue colour.

The brilliance and clarity of an opal’s proportional pattern, on the other hand, is the primary deciding factor. A vivid blue/green can sell for more than a dull red; sparkling flashing stars in a ‘pin fire’ pattern can sell for more than a hazy ‘open’ or mixed pattern of the same colouration; and a magnificent, glossy light Opal can sell for more than a lacklustre Black Opal.

Where Can I Buy High-Quality Custom Opal Rings for Men From?

In-person, inspecting men’s opal rings is simple since you can grasp it, feel the metal, and move the stone to see all its natural colour flashes. Unfortunately, when purchasing opal jewellery online, this is not always possible.

Opals are complicated gemstones with a high potential for true investment value or disappointment when purchasing a phoney or ‘processed’ rock. As a result, you must be aware of what to look for when purchasing Opal jewellery online to avoid the numerous tactics aimed to ‘dupe’ you and to be happy and secure with your purchase.

Helpful tip: If you have any questions about your potential purchase, do not hesitate to contact a local men’s opal rings jeweller. A reputable online opal jewellery supplier will welcome questions and may even provide more images of your product in other settings, which, while little, may have a huge influence on your overall impression of the gemstone or jewellery!

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