What Difficulties you face with Voicemail

What Difficulties you face with Voicemail

Most people have problems using the voicemail system. Advances in technology have resulted in new voicemail features that add power and flexibility to the simple answering machine. Unfortunately, these features have made voicemail complicated. For instance, setting up your voicemail for the first time can be tiresome. Accessing the voicemail is not considered as a second nature to most people unless you have been raised in the mobile phone era. People who use multiple systems due to work, find them most confusing. People have proposed standardising the voicemail system.

Missed Calls Feature

If voicemail costs you money and is clumsy to use, how do kids return calls? Research by a mobile phone company has found that users of voicemail tend to be older people. Kids seldom use voicemail especially when it costs money. They rely on the missed-calls feature available with almost all phones to keep track of who called.

The missed -calls list may not record all calls. Calls to your number when your phone is turned off or when you are out of coverage may not appear among the missed calls. However, most carriers offer SMS notification of these types of missed calls as a free service.

Final Words

Despite these technological advancements, why don’t manufacturers simply put an answering machine into the phones that will take your calls when you are busy? If that were possible, there would be no need to pay expensive voicemail charges. Unfortunately, this idea won’t work. The reason is when your phone is turned off or you are in an area without coverage, the calls won’t even reach your answering machine.

So next time you go on a plan or go prepaid, should you opt for voicemail? The choice is yours. However, if you don’t want to subscribe to voicemail, make sure you state that clearly. Most carriers have the habit of providing you with voicemail by default. You may already have 10 messages waiting by the time you realise voicemail has been installed without your consent.

Short Messaging Services

If you are in the habit of making short calls, you should consider sending SMS or text messages. Imagine making a 10-second call to inform your friend that you are running late.

As we just found out, a text message can save you. SMS took off in Australia because cost-conscious teenagers found it was cheaper to text than call. Unlike voice calls, SMS do not attract airtime charges. Another advantage of SMS is its nonintrusive nature. Which means you can receive your calls while you are at the wheel. There is no need to grope for earplugs or pull over to the side of the road to talk. SMS is also a better option for breaking bad news or dealing with uncomfortable situations. For instance, would you rather text than talk when faking an illness to have a day off from work? After getting clarity on different types of situations that you may witness while having a voicemail connection, it is advisable to go for better telephone network so that you can call easily. For the same, you need to get in touch with professionals at BT contact number.

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